European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)
NUTRI Alpha-lipoic acid 2020-2021
This database contains the Annual Declarations of Interest (ADoIs) of all experts with active EFSA involvements.
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  • Previous ADoIs not included in this database are available on request
  • ADoIs of other EFSA Panels, Networks and Working Groups are available on this link.
EFSA's working groups consist of scientists from the relevant EFSA Scientific Panel(s) and may in addition contain external scientific experts with the required specialisation. In order to further support its work, EFSA can also invite other scientists with particular and relevant knowledge to contribute to one or more meetings of a working group by providing additional data, reports and publications and answering questions, These hearing experts are not members of the scientific bodies and they do not participate in the deliberations of the working group nor in the drafting and the adoption of the scientific outputs.


Name Role Declaration of Interest
CAPPELLANI Daniele Member
DoI [DoI - Pdf]
IJZERMAN Richard Member
DoI [DoI - Pdf]
MACIUK Alexandre Chair
DoI [DoI - Pdf]
VAN LOVEREN Hendrik Member
DoI [DoI - Pdf]

Other invitees

Name Role Declaration of Interest

No other invitee present.